Secretarial or administrative professional jobs are still out there but the competition is fierce than ever. Use some of these expert tips to know how to handle the secretary interview and get the job you want.

Prepare the right Answers:
Secretarial jobs require a broad base of skills and abilities. The questions asked in the secretary interview will differ depending on the employer, the level of the job and the experience of the candidate. However you can prepare for typical secretarial interview questions such as:

>>How does your work experience prepare for this position?
>>What are your strengths and weaknesses?
>>What qualities do you consider to be the most important?

Prepare good answers to these interview questions by using the keywords that relate to the position you are interviewing for. Review the job posting or ad and underline the words used to describe the job and candidate requirements. Examples include planning and organizing ability, oral and written communication skills, initiative, confidentiality, adaptability, integrity, reliability, accuracy and attention to detail. Check the key tasks of the position in the job posting and see which qualities and experience would be necessary for performing these tasks.

Right Clothes:
Make the right first impression by wearing businesslike interview attire. A suit in a conservative color or a well-tailored jacket with a skirt or tailored pants is a safe option.
An unfussy blouse in a light or neutral color always looks smart under a jacket or blazer. Jewelry should be understated and not distract the interviewer from focusing on your face and what you are saying. Your attention to detail will show that you have made the effort to create the best impression. Think about your nails, your hair, your shoes. A pair of scuffed or unpolished shoes completely spoils the image. Carry a small briefcase or portfolio to hold your resume and examples of your work.

Good communication skills-the ability to listen actively and respond effectively both orally and in writing –are key to success in a secretarial position. Be aware of how you communicate during the secretary interview and make sure you impress the interviewer with your communication style and skills.

Listen closely, don’t interrupt and ask appropriate and ask questions to clarify what the interviewer is looking for. Respond in a clear and concise manner. Avoid non-words like “you know” and “like” or using negative words like “sort of” and “perhaps”. Talk in complete sentences and avoid rushing through.

Right follow-up:
Timely follow-up is always one of the requirements for successful job performances as a secretary. Make sure you write and send your interview thank you letter within 24 hours of the job interview.

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