HOW TO NAIL THAT INTERVIEW: Build up your self-confidence 15 minutes before you face the interviewers

Congratulations, you have an interview. Of course you want to make a good first impression and land the job. Taking the advice of friends, you have arrived 15 minutes early. Sitting in the car collecting your thoughts before an interview is valuable time that should not be wasted. Use the time to muster the last bit of self confidence you will need to help you nail the interview. Here are some tips to increase your confidence to face the job interview.

Make sure you have everything you need. Check your folder for resumes, your list of questions to ask, applications, notepad, pens, references and transcripts. Be able to easily access these things without fumbling through your briefcase of portfolio. Use them only as needed. Look over the job description one last time, so that the specific job qualifications are fresh in your mind. Now is also a good time to turn off that cell phone.

Think positively. Have a list of your successes ready to glance over to remind you of how great you really are. Quickly counteract any negative self-talk with positive statements. Go over your resume and note all the accomplishments you have achieved so far in your career. Remember and use them as your unique selling points during the interview.

Practice your sales pitch one last time. You are going into the job interview to sell yourself. Be ready to present a positive professional attitude. Companies are looking for a willingness to learn, an ability to be an active team member, knowledge of the relevant job skills, an organized thought process, and the ability to communicate well. Review this list and find ways to communicate each of these points during the interview.

Great athletes visualize their accomplishments before actually performing them. Use this tactic before the interview. Visualize yourself shaking hands, making eye contact, remembering names, smiling, being comfortable and professional. If you think it, it will happen.

Head into the building and stop in the restroom for one last appearance check. Make sure buttons are buttoned correctly and you do not have food stuck in your teeth. Do not forget to smile. Wash your hands and use a lot of soap.

Go to the reception area and introduce yourself. Remember the receptionist’s name and use it on the way out. You have done everything you can to prepare, and how it is time to perform. Being confident will help you land the job.

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