When In MY Career should I Do An MBA???

The Degree is not enough to guarantee a job when you Finish

A Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is a significant additional qualification to gain. If you are considering doing an MBA, it would be reasonable for you to wonder whether you should do the MBA now or later and also what your chances are of getting a job after you graduate.

In the UK, it is normal for individuals to obtain their MBA some years after graduating. Typically individuals who self-fund their MBA do so in their late 20s to early 30s (it is later for those funded by their organizations). Therefore, the ‘norm’ is 7 to 12 years after you have finished your first degree. What this means is that you have experienced one or two employers, possibly different types of work or indeed specialized in one discipline. 

From this base, students take their MBA and then transition into the next phase of their career. The next employer sees the value add of the MBA on top of the early career experience—this is of more value potentially than a student completing their MBA straight after their first degree. This has been the prevailing view in the UK and not necessarily the one most prevalent in other areas of the world.

Finally, the degree is not enough to guarantee a job when you finish. Remember, the job market is very competitive.

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