The pitfalls of job advertising

Accurate targeting of prospective employers is a far more effective way to conduct your job search

When you initially look at a job advertisement, do not be fooled into thinking that it is not for you or that you do not conform to the specifications contained within the advert. Most adverts are written to rule candidates out rather than in, as they target specific levels of experience and knowledge. Very often there is a sublime message within the advert based on financial recompense for this position without actually stating the figures attributable to the job.

It is a far easier for a recruiter to rule a candidate out based on specific criteria such as experience, qualification, and knowledge base rather than the more subjective criteria such as personal attributes or characteristics, strengths or personality. This is ironic considering that personality plays such a big part in the interview process itself. However at the initial screening, these factors that are considered. 

Do not rely on job adverts, recruitment agencies or head-hunters as your primary link to the job market. Get out and network. Take the initiative and make the calls to firms and organizations that have captured your attention and for whom you feel you would like to work.

Remember that accurate targeting of prospective employers is a far more effective way to conduct your job search and is not nearly as demoralizing as receiving rejection letters because you failed to meet as little as one of the criteria set out.


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