Working within a large organization provides many advantages. One of the pros is that internal job opportunities arise from time to time , employees do not have to leave the building to advance their careers. But it is easy to trip up when applying for an internal job .why? One of the main problems is that many employees approach internal job offerings too casually. It is important to remember that similar rules and standards are in place when applying for any job, whether inside or outside a company.
Applying from within does not always necessarily give you an ‘in’. The bottom line is you are trying to get a new job, and you need to use every professional tactic you can to get it. Follow these tips to help you get in from the inside.
Steps involved:
A.      Do not apply for every available position
B.      Update your resume
C.      Write a customized cover letter
D.      Let your current boss know  you are applying for the job
E.       Construct an internal support system
F.       Write a thank you letter after interview
G.     Didn’t get the job? What to do??

1.     Do not apply for every available position
You will never be taken seriously if you apply each time a position opens. Clarify your reasons for applying for a specific job. If the opportunity is in a department where you wish your career to grow, or if the position will allow you to expand your knowledge in a particular area, make it known.
2.     Update your resume
Many internal candidates do not update their resumes, assuming that it is all in the family and the new internal position is merely an extension of their current one. Make sure your resume includes all the achievements you have earned since joining the organization.
3.     Write a customized cover letter
What if you have done work for the manager who needs a new assistant and he already knows you are terrific?  There are still things the manager does not know about you. So, clearly highlight your achievements as it is quite possible that the new potential boss does not know about your specialized training, the education you are currently pursuing or your past work experience . Also remember that no matter how often you have talked to the person you are applying to  or how well he may know you, you want to use the application process as an opportunity to show how professional you are . Keep this in mind while drafting you cover letter.

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